Charges: Man shot dead at point blank range by his neighbor's grandchildren

They thought he had sold their grandmother bad drugs and assaulted her.
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An execution-style shooting in Rochester last month was allegedly carried out by the grandchildren of the victim's neighbor.

Brandon Arndt, 38, was shot in the face on Sept. 10, after answering the door of the trailer in which he lived with his disabled mother at Bob's Trailer Park at 1915 Marion Court SE.

Charged with his murder are Malcolm J. Woods, 27 and Kielah Parsons, 34, both of Rochester, and Darien Klindworth-Woods, 19, of North Mankato.

They are the grandchildren of Arndt's next-door neighbor, Rosetta Barnes. She is also disabled and Arndt would help her with groceries, did maintenance around her house and helped her with her medication.

On Saturday, Sept. 8, Barnes was hospitalized with a medical emergency.

Barnes' family members called the police the next day, telling them they believed Arndt was responsible for Barnes' condition, either because he sold her bad drugs that led her to overdose, or sexually assaulted her, or both.

Six men then turned up on Arndt's doorstep that same night, confronting him about Barnes' medical episode.

He was shot dead at around 4 a.m. Monday morning after answering a knock at the door.

According to the criminal complaint, Woods and Klindworth-Woods went to a convenience store prior to the shooting and stocked up on plastic bags.

Woods and Parsons then drove to the trailer, where Woods wrapped plastic bags around his feet, went to the trailer and shot Arndt dead.

Klindworth-Woods then drove them away to Parsons' house, where he disposed of the plastic bags, before Klindworth-Woods and Woods went to North Mankato.

Woods sold the gun used in the killing a few days later.

The trio are all facing second degree murder charges.

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