Charges: Man smashed car windows, used racial slurs in Bloomington

The Burnsville man also smashed his father's car windows.
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A Burnsville man has been charged with smashing the windows of cars belonging to his father and a Somali man, the latter of whom he allegedly racially abused and threatened to kill.

Jason Gerardy, 39, has been charged with threats of violence and property damage in relation to the incident outside an apartment building on 9100 Old Cedar Avenue in Bloomington on Nov. 23.

Witnesses saw Gerardy smashing car windows with a large piece of metal in a parking lot, and was found by police walking on Old Cedar Avenue bleeding "badly" from his right hand.

He told police he'd smashed the windows on his father's car after they'd had an argument, as well as breaking "some Somalian’s windows" based on what the Hennepin County Attorney's Office describes as "his racial biases."

Police found three heavily damaged vehicles in the parking lot, with the Somali man whose car was damaged telling police he was afraid of Gerardy, who had made comments to neighbors in the apartment block that he "does not like Muslims."

Another witness told police he was on the first-floor balcony and saw Gerardy smashing the windows. He said Gerardy threatened him with a large piece of metal, and said he was going to "kill" him, as well as using a racial slurs.

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