Charges: Man stabbed woman with fish knife, fled after stealing firefighter's car

The 50 year old from Mayer is facing attempted murder charges.
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A Minnesota man has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly stabbing a woman he lived with, then stealing a neighbor's car to flee the scene.

*Warning: This story contains upsetting details*

The attack was reported on Monday at 11:08 p.m. in Mayer, Carver County, about 45 minutes west of Minneapolis.

The suspected attacker, 50-year-old Paul Youngstedt, knocked on a neighbor's door and, while in a drunken state, told them that the 44-year-old woman he lived with had "run into a knife and needed help."

The neighbor's husband is a volunteer firefighter, and he drove to Youngstedt's home because he had a medical bag in his vehicle.

When he got to his house, the firefighter saw that a Ford Edge had been backed into a skid steer in the driveway, and could smell gasoline coming from the vehicle.

Once inside, they found the victim sitting in a chair, holding her abdomen. She told the firefighter than her intestines had fallen out and she had pushed them back in.

The firefighter began dressing the wound, and as he did so, the victim said that Youngstedt had stabbed her during an argument about how drunk he was, with a fish filet knife the apparent weapon used.

While the firefighter was treating the victim as they awaited paramedics, Youngstedt returned to the house, and a short time later stole the firefighter's car and fled the area.

He broke into a house, terrifying woman and daughter

Police later found the firefighter's car 14 miles away near a home in Mound. Youngstedt allegedly went into the house and told the homeowner he had "killed someone and there was blood all over."

He demanded money and pills, warning the homeowner "she would be next." She tried to give him $20 and some pain meds, and he stopped her as she tried to call 911.

She ended up waiting till he fell asleep, and then she climbed out of the window with her daughter. 

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Police arrived a short time later, with Youngstedt barricading himself in the property. A SWAT team stormed the house at 3:55 a.m., with Youngstedt surrendering without incident.

While he was being taken to jail, Youngstedt was heard to say, "Is that b---- dead? I hope she is." 

An updated on the woman's condition is not available. Youngstedt, who has an extensive DWI record, has been charged with 2nd degree attempted murder, 1st degree assault, vehicle theft and 5th degree drug possession.

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