Charges: Man threatened to rape, kill kids at St. Paul playground

He's also accused of criminal sexual conduct at another St. Paul school.
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A 31-year-old St. Paul man has been charged with criminal sexual conduct, threats of violence and possession of drugs after threatening incidents at two St. Paul schools. 

According to a criminal complaint, Yeng Houa Moua is accused of incidents at Farnsworth Aerospace Upper Campus at 1000 Walsh Street in St. Paul and at Phalen Lake Elementary at 1089 Cypress Street in St. Paul. 

On Wednesday, Sep. 26, at around 5:45 p.m., St. Paul police were called to Farnsworth Aerospace Upper Campus on a report of a man's criminal sexual encounter with a 13-year-old student. A teacher at the school told police that Moua entered the school in search of a friend. 

The teacher didn't know anyone by the name so Moua went outside, where he was seen rubbing his face against a 13-year-old girl's chest, "as a cat would do to a person," the complaint says. The girl told police that the man also placed his hand on her hip and was breathing heavily. 

A short time later police were called to a playground at Phalen Lake Elementary (just a few blocks from the other school) on a report of the same man with his hands down his pants while watching kids at the playground. 

A 10-year-old boy at the playground told officers that the man was staring at children while thrusting his hips in their direction. The boy said the man threatened to rape and kill them if they got any closer to him. He's also accused of walking in the direction of a 13-year-old girl before running away when a group of her friends approached. 

The group followed him, at which point the 13 year old says the man turned around and threatened to rape and kill them. 

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Police tracked Moua down several blocks away and found methamphetamine in his pocket, and he later admitted to using meth, marijuana and alcohol while claiming he didn't remember anything about the incidents. 

Moua has been charged in Ramsey County with fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a 13- to- 15-year-old, a felony. He's also been charged with felony threats of violence and fifth-degree felony drug possession. 

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