Charges: Man used drugs, sex toy in front of children

He's been charged with eight crimes in Clay County District Court.
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A northwest Minnesota man has been charged with two counts of a felony drug crimes and additional charges for indecent exposure and child endangerment after his kids tested positive for illegal drugs. 

According to a charges filed in Clay County District Court, Michael George Carlson, 27, of Moorhead, was reported to social services on Dec. 20, 2018 after his two children, both minors, tested positive for drugs. 

The tests were done on the children's hair follicles, with one of them coming back positive for marijuana and the other testing positive for marijuana and methamphetamine. 

A social worker told investigators that Carlson admitted to leaving a bag of meth on a counter in November. Carlson allegedly told the social worker that he intended to sell the bag of meth but it was missing that night. 

He found the baggie under his child's bed and said the child was acting "high." 

A second child maltreatment complaint was received by a detective working the case on Jan. 2, just days after one of the children said they were pretending to sleep when Carlson enter their room, took a sex toy out of a dresser and proceeded to use it on himself in their presence. 

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Carlson was arrested and taken to Clay County Jail where he admitted that he's addicted to meth and other narcotics, saying he smokes and snorts meth and smokes marijuana in front of his children every day. 

The complaint states that Carlson also admitted that his children caught him in the act of using the sex toy in the kitchen, living room and their bedroom while he was under the influence of meth, noting that he would use it in their room when they were supposed to be sleeping. 

Carlson has been charged with two counts of causing or permitting a child to ingest, inhale or be exposed to meth, two counts of indecent exposure in the presence of a minor, two counts of child neglect/endangerment and two counts of child neglect/endangerment during sale or possession of illegal substances. 

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