Charges: Man yelled racial slurs, wiped penis on window of Maplewood Burger King

The 40 year old also threatened to kill people inside the restaurant.
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A man who allegedly caused disturbances on consecutive days at a Twin Cities Burger King has been charged with threats of violence.

The alleged target for Ryan Wayne Lewis' ire was the Burger King at 2440 White Bear Ave. N. in Maplewood, which he arrived at on Oct. 17 and 18.

On the 17th at around 9:30 p.m., Lewis, 40, of Nevis, Minnesota, was drunk and allegedly threatening to kill people in the restaurant.

He had earlier gone into the restaurant to use the restroom, and "yelled at everyone inside using racial and other slurs."

When an employee asked him to leave, he shoved the mop of a worker cleaning the floor before he was forcibly removed by another staffer.

It's at this point that Lewis allegedly took out his penis "and wiped it on the glass window," before threatening to kill one of the BK employees.

Lewis was outside holding a two-inch knife in his hand when police were called, but he had gone by the time officers arrived.

The next day, Lewis allegedly returned, going though the drive-thru in his Chevy Trailblazer before spitting on the service window.

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He then parked his Chevy and "grabbed something from the trunk that resembled a gun," before making a gun gesture with his hand as he drove away.

When police tracked him at a Home Depot this past Sunday, they found a metal bar in his trunk that resembles a gun.

Lewis, has been charged with two counts of threats of violence, told police that he was in a "bad mood" on Oct. 17 and admitted yelling racial slurs, and said he returned the next day because he was hungry but workers refused to serve him.

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