Charges: Men got 16-year-old girls drunk, videotaped sex assault

The girls were heavily intoxicated, the charges state.
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Michael Koenig and Chase Johnson.

Michael Koenig and Chase Johnson.

Two men have been charged with creating pornography they made with two 16-year-old girls in the Twin Cities.

Michael Koenig, of Little Canada, and Chase Johnson, of St. Paul, both of whom are 24, have been charged with multiple sex offenses, including using minors in pornographic work.

It comes after the two underage girls were picked up in Koenig's Jeep in mid-March and driven to his apartment on the 400 block of Labore Road in Little Canada.

The girls were plied with vodka and became heavily drunk. It was at this point that one of the girls was directed by Johnson to take her clothes off.

The men then proceeded to sexually assault the girls, using their cellphones to tape the girls during various sex acts, a criminal complaint alleges.

They then videotaped themselves carrying out assaults on the girls.

The girls were brought home after one of their mother's called them, and could hear "tussling" noises in the background after her phone was picked up.

She yelled into the phone that her daughter needed to be returned home or she'd call the police.

A short time later, Koenig and Johnson drove them home, with the parents of one of the girls waiting outside when Koenig's Jeep pulled up.

The mother noted the license plate, which later led police to Koenig.

Both men have declined opportunities to speak with police.

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