Charges: Michigan man stalked ex-girlfriend with tracking devices to Mankato

He found her despite never being told where she was.
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A Michigan man is behind bars in Minnesota and facing stalking charges after following a former girlfriend to Mankato. 

According to a criminal complaint, Shawn Kelly Thomason, 39, stalked his ex after they broke up in May 2018, before she moved to Mankato in August with her father. 

On one occasion, the victim traveled to Chicago after meeting her mother in Missouri, only to have Thomason find her at a train station, without her ever telling him where she was.

Then, on Dec. 7, the woman returned to her home in Mankato around 10:30 p.m. only for a car to follow her into an alley and block her in. Thinking she might be robbed, she locked her doors. A couple of minutes later Thomason was standing at her door, pulling on the handle. 

How Thomason had found her more than 700 miles away was unclear until a responding officer looked under her vehicle and found two GPS tracking devices attached to the car with magnets.

Other allegations included in the complaint state that he repeatedly emailed and texted her after the breakup despite her blocking his number, and also stopped at her father's house several times while she was out of the country during the summer, asking her father to convince his daughter to get back together with him.

Guns, cameras and gloves found in his belongings

After the Dec. 7 incident, police put out a search call for Thomason's vehicle and found him at a motel in St. Peter, Minnesota.

Police found a loaded handgun in Thomason's possession along with a Faraday Bag – a bag made of aluminum foil that is "commonly used by law enforcement and forensic examiners to prevent suspects from accessing and remotely wiping electronic devices, such as smartphones."

A search of Thomason's belongings also revealed numerous concerning items, including: 

  • 2 bandanas
  • black gloves
  • makeup kit
  • latex gloves
  • black electrical tape
  • loaded 9mm Glock handgun magazine
  • loaded 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun magazine
  • mini-voice recorder
  • car camera
  • stick-up camera
  • fully-loaded pistol
  • bomber-style winter hat
  • black tactical gloves
  • tactical pants
  • women's clothing and underwear
  • large bundle of documents with lists of questions and conversations Thomason intended to have with his stalking victim. 

One of his scripted questions was: "Do you know you need to be held accountable for your actions?"

He'd also packaged a gift bag with a ring and a note saying: "Please accept this ring as a promise to always do right by you. To never forget and never become complacent. To always put your needs and happiness above my own. To be there for you. To always love, honor, and cherish you."

Another page included the following scripted messages for his ex-girlfriend. 

  • "I want you to forget this life."
  • "I want you to commit to me 100%."
  • "I want you to quit your job here."
  • "I want to go get your belongings."
  • "I want to have the cats back."
  • "I want to go back together."
  • "I want you to wear that perfume for me (from Valentines Day)."
  • "I want to spend the holidays together, and many more to come."

Thomason was charged in Blue Earth County District Court with one count of felony stalking, two counts of gross misdemeanor stalking, a gross misdemeanor for using an unauthorized tracking device, and a misdemeanor for domestic assault. 

According to KSTP, Thomason has also been charged in federal court with interstate commerce crimes for crossing state lines and electronically tracking her. He's being held in Sherburne County Jail. 

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