Charges: Missing man found naked, attacked police officer with picture frame

He had been reported missing a day earlier.
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Charges have been filed against a 24-year-old Edina man who sparked a missing persons search in January.

William Brask was found by police in Mendota Heights on the morning of January 13, after he had been reported missing the night before, when his clothing and cellphone were found at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge in Bloomington.

Officers came across Brask in response to a report from a homeowner who said a naked man was trying to get in their house.

When officers arrived, Brask was striking an object against a glass door of a property. He was "incoherent" and "confused" when officers spoke with him, and they had to tell him four times to kneel on the ground.

He eventually made as if to kneel, before instead walking towards the officer "in a charging manner."

The officer deployed a Taser, before noticing Brask had a metal picture frame in his right hand, which he used to hit the officer over the head.

Brask then fell backwards and rolled over onto the deck, where he was arrested and taken to a hospital for evaluation.

Police found visible damage to the deck screen door and a glass door at the property, with a 2.5-3 foot long rod found nearby that he's believed to have used to cause the damage.

The next day, police learned that Brask had been reported missing.

Brask has been charged with 1st-degree criminal damage and 4th-degree assault of a police officer.

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