Charges: Passenger followed bus driver into break room, punched him

The attack happened on Saturday morning.
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A Metro Transit bus driver became the latest victim of an attack when he was punched by a passenger in Brooklyn Center on Saturday.

According to criminal charges, the driver was heading towards the break room at Brooklyn Center Transit Station just before noon Saturday and was followed by Terry James Jr., 19, of Minneapolis.

James tried to get into the break room, with the bus driver telling him it was only for Metro Transit employees.

The bus driver told police that James then made fists with his hands "and took a fighting stance." 

After he initially walked away, James then returned, approaching the driver and saying: "On my mama, don't disrespect me."

He then punched the bus driver on the back of the head and continued to try to punch him as the pair struggled, before the driver was able to get away and activate an alarm.

James has been charged with 4th degree assault of a transit operator. No details as to what motivated the attack have been revealed.

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The attack came after a year in which the safety of transit drivers has been a subject of discussion, following several assaults on Metro Transit operators were reported earlier this year.

The attacks prompted calls for improved barriers between drivers and the public.

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