Charges: Pelican Rapids murder victim was buried in pit along with pickup truck

His roommate has been charged with killing him.
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Jordan Dalman

The man found dead at a property near Pelican Rapids had been placed in a pickup truck and buried in a 10-foot deep pit.

Dylan Butler, 28, was found dead from a gunshot wound to the chest at the property on Holbrook Road, 9 miles north of Pelican Rapids, on Saturday morning.

Charged with his murder is Jordan Dalman, 25, with whom Butler had been living at the house since May. They had moved back to Dalman's Minnesota home after meeting and completing gunsmith school in Colorado.

Police first became aware of the fatal incident on Friday, when Dalman's parents told them their son had been involved in an "incident" and that someone was dead at his property.

They didn't find anyone dead in the house itself, albeit they did find multiple guns lying around the property. Jordan Dalman, however, then told the officers to "follow the tracks behind the barn."

That led them to a 10-foot deep pit, in which there was a black pickup truck buried beneath dirt, debris and tree branches.

When the pickup was excavated, they found Butler's body inside with gunshot wounds to the chest and exit wounds at the back.

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When questioned by police, Dalman's parents said that the relationship between Butler and their son had been strained at times.

Police also retrieved the gun that Dalman said had been used in the shooting. Officers also found blood in a camper on the property, which Dalman said he'd taken Butler to in an attempt to give him first-aid.

Dalman has been charged with second degree murder.

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