Charges: Pimp was trafficking prostitute from jail

Police found out by investigating his jail phone calls.
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A pimp has been charged with sex trafficking he allegedly carried out while serving time in jail for another crime.

Albert Wilson, 52, of Sheridan Avenue, Minneapolis, was named by a confidential informant as being involved in sex trafficking in the Twin Cities, with the informant identifying him as a pimp for "a number of women."

This includes the victim in this case, to whom Wilson made calls from jail over the course of several months, according to a criminal complaint.

When police obtained recordings of his jail calls, they found that Wilson was demanding she have sex for money, and then put the money on a gift card he could use in jail.

He accused the woman of "being selfish" because she was having sex for herself, and "ain't usin' it for me."

He also threatened her, saying: "I have beat your ass before and I’ll do it again, you hear me?"

During another exchange, when Wilson asked for money, the victim responded: "I haven’t even had sex today," before adding: "Yeah, so I’m about to go grab something and then I am going to go make some money for you."

The informant told police he'd placed prostitution ads for various women online, including the victim in this case.

He also said the victim was Wilson's "main girl."

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Wilson has been charged with promoting prostitution and will make his first court appearance on Thursday. He was serving time in jail for being a felon in possession of a gun.

Hundreds of men, women and children are liberated every year in Minnesota after being victim of sex trafficking.

According to the Minnesota Legislature, underage girls are the most commonly sex trafficked victims. In 2015, law enforcement identified 943 girl victims of sex trafficking, as well as 319 women, 36 boys and 21 men.

This article by Minnesota Monthly reports that in more than 70 percent of sex trafficking cases tried between 2012 and 2016, the alleged trafficker was an acquaintance, friend, partner or family member of the victim.

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