Charges: Postal worker fired shotgun at federal bank in Minneapolis

It happened during the July 21 Minneapolis Aquatennial fireworks.
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Felony charges have been filed in Hennepin County against a postal worker accused of firing a shotgun at the Federal Reserve Bank building in Minneapolis. 

According to the criminal complaint, 43-year-old Christopher Douglas Wood of St. Paul shot three rounds from a 12-gauge shotgun into the bank building, located at 100 1st Street South. 

The charging document states that Wood, sometime between 10 p.m. and 11:15 p.m. on July 21, fired the shotgun blasts from the post office parking ramp across the street on Hennepin Avenue. The shots are believed to have been fired from the ramp, one floor below the roof of the post office building. 

Wood fired the shots during the Minneapolis Aquatennial fireworks display, when there were thousands of spectators on the street when the shooting occurred. 

The Federal Reserve Bank operates 24/7, so there were employees inside the building at the time. Fortunately, nobody was injured, although the shots ripped holes through fascia, broke windows and went through interior walls into a space where office employees work. Damage was estimated at a cost of $40,242. 

Investigators were able to track Wood down based on information and security footage from the Minneapolis Central Post Office, where Wood was employed.

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A U.S. postal inspector confirmed to investigators that Wood also was "firing some sort of improvised gun made from PVC from the parking ramp on the afternoon of July 20, 2018 before his shift."

A search Wood's St. Paul apartment revealed a 12-gauge shotgun under his bed, a "wide assortment" of ammunition, literature stating "END THE FED," and a stack of counterfeit bills with former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul's face on the bills. 

Wood has been charged with reckless discharge of firearm within a municipality (felony), and two counts of 1st-degree damage to property (felony). 

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