Charges: Renaissance Festival director raped photographer

The 59 year old plays the "Rat Catcher" at the annual event.
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Renaissance festival Hagerman

The entertainment director of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival has been charged with raping a photographer at last year's event.

Carr Hagerman, 59, of Richfield is a familiar face at the popular Shakopee event, where for 40 years he has played a character called the "Rat Catcher," who prowls festival grounds flinging insults at visitors.

But now he's accused of sexually assaulting a female photographer at the festival in September last year, having been charged with two counts of 1st Degree criminal sexual conduct.

The details of the incident are as follows – WARNING, they are extremely upsetting.

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Hagerman allowed the victim access to the upper level of the "Bad Manor" so she could take pictures from a higher vantage point, but grew enraged when he saw she was wearing a pink ribbon.

These ribbons had been handed out by a women's group called the "Order of the Garter," whose aim was to ward off sexual harassment at the festival, the Star Tribune reports.

He slammed her head against the wall, calling her a "b****" and a "w****" and told her she was going to get what she deserved.

After taking some type of pill, he forced his penis into her mouth and continued to do so until she vomited.

He then proceeded to rape her.

Pulling her back several times as she tried to crawl away, Hagerman allegedly threatened her throughout the assault, telling her, "You are my piece of meat" as well as saying he knew where she lived, adding: "I will f----- kill you and destroy your life if you say anything."

The victim eventually blacked out after the attack, and sought hospital treatment for a sprained right hand. 

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She didn't report the attack however until that November, after police were called by a friend she'd told about the incident. Even then she was reluctant to speak to police about the threats to her life.

Police questioned Hagerman after speaking to another festival worker who noticed he'd entered the Bad Manor with an unidentified person on the weekend in question, Sept. 23 and 24. 

The witness said they'd heard banging noises coming from the upstairs room. Another witness said the victim had become withdrawn the following weekend – the last of the festival.

When initially questioned, Hagerman said he'd only spoken to the victim a few times and they didn't have a sexual relationship. When told the allegation against him involved rape, he said he no longer wanted to speak with police.

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