Charges: Shoreview man sexually assaulted, took naked videos of his Tinder date as she slept

He's been charged with criminal sexual conduct.
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A man has been charged with sexually assaulting a woman he met on Tinder, and taking video of her as she slept naked.

Jeffrey Eldred, 32, is alleged to have carried out the assault on a woman he met on the Tinder dating app, whom he invited around to his house in Shoreview on Nov. 3.

The victim said they had been drinking and made out while naked in Eldred's bed. She slept at his house as she didn't want to drive home after drinking.

She woke up at one point to find Eldred's penis next to her face, and told police that throughout the night Eldred tried to have sex with her on more than 10 occasions. She said no each time only for him to try again a short time later.

When she woke the next morning, Eldred claimed not to remember this and was acting normally.

He let her use his computer for a class she was taking, at which point she found at least 40 videos on his computer appearing to show Eldred penetrating different women while they slept.

Each video was identified by the initials of the woman who was in them. The victim couldn't get the videos to play, but she took photos of the videos and reported it to police, because she worried it would continue happening to other women.

Police searched Eldred's home this past Wednesday and he was interviewed under caution. He told police he'd met the woman on Tinder, they'd drank and then had consensual sex several times that evening.

When asked to explain the videos on his computer, Eldred said they were of his on-again/off-again girlfriend, saying they would get drunk and take videos – consensually.

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Police then obtained a warrant for Eldred's phone, and found a naked video of his Tinder date, and several videos of his ex-girlfriend in which he appeared to sexually assault her as she slept.

Police interview the ex-girlfriend, who said she wasn't aware she was being taped and was shocked to see some of the videos and photos he had taken of her.

She called Eldred with police recording the conversation, in which he denied having sex with multiple people or videotaping them, saying he only had sex with his ex in one video and was sorry about it.

Police are still working to identify the people in the videos found on Eldred's computer.

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