Charges: St. Paul man fired shots at family, fled police and crashed into 2 cars

The 33-year-old is facing five felony charges.
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A man has been charged in connection with a string of events in St. Paul that saw him shoot in the direction of a woman and some children, before a subsequent police chase that ended with a three-vehicle crash.

The incidents took place in succession beginning around 5:20 p.m. on June 17, with Leonard L. Slaughter, 33, of St. Paul, charged with attempted murder and numerous other felonies. 

According to a criminal complaint, Leonard pulled up to a duplex on the 2000 block of Suburban Ave. and began firing shots in the direction of a woman and her family. Another witness said there were eight people standing on the front steps when the shots rang out. 

Nobody was shot, though police documented finding bullet casings and fragments from six shots from a 9mm handgun, with damage done to a vehicle and garage door. 

Prior to the shooting, a witness told investigators that she could hear her neighbor arguing on the phone with Slaughter, with whom her neighbor is in a relationship. Slaughter's girlfriend then told another witness that "Y’all better call your people because he’s coming," the complaint states. 

Slaughter fired the shots from a white SUV and then fled. He was spotted by an officer who was responding to the scene, leading to a pursuit that saw Slaughter swerve around vehicles and onto westbound Interstate 94. He was going 80 mph when he took an exit to Hwy. 61, then blew a stop sign and crash into two cars in the intersection. 

The Suburban Slaughter was driving was disabled, while the other drivers were shaken up but medically cleared at the scene. Slaughter then fled the SUV on foot while in possession of the gun. He ran into a building, exited and was chased by the police officer, with Slaughter eventually dropping the gun and being arrested.

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Slaughter had a 9mm handgun with an extended magazine that had one round in the chamber and 19 bullets in the magazine. 

Slaughter claimed that the situation was a misunderstanding, then gave a partial explanation for why it happened before trailing off and terminating the interview. He's quoted as saying: "My fiancée, she was pregnant – so she kept on getting into it. She let the people move next door, so...”

The 33-year-old has been charged with 2nd-degree attempted murder, two counts of illegal possession of a firearm, 2nd-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, and fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle, and one count of a drive-by shooting. 

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