Charges: St. Paul man stole SUV, violently struck teens in crosswalk on Lake Street

The man is suspected of being high on drugs when he carjacked an SUV.
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The teens were struck outside the Panaderia San Miguel baker in south Minneapolis. 

The teens were struck outside the Panaderia San Miguel baker in south Minneapolis. 

A St. Paul man has been charged with two counts of criminal vehicular operation after carjacking a vehicle and crashing into siblings attempting to cross the street in south Minneapolis on Monday, Sept. 30. 

Steven Ross, 48, has been accused by the Hennepin County Attorney's Office of the violently crime spree that started around 2:15 p.m. Monday when he walked up to a Toyota Rav 4, smashed the window with his head and stole the driver's keys. 

He then stole the SUV, crashing into multiple parked vehicles along 17th Ave. S. before speeding down through an intersection and slamming into two teenagers in a crosswalk. 

The violent collision happened at the intersection of 17th Ave. S. and E. Lake Street. 

"The two victims were hit with such force that they were launched into the air," the release form the attorney's office says. More of the horrific details from the release: 

"The young woman, 19, was flung into a bakery window frame on the corner of the street, landing on the sidewalk unconscious. The 14-year-old young man with her went through the glass window of the bakery, landing inside the building."

The 19-year-old woman suffered a brain injury and remains hospitalized, with her father writing on Facebook Tuesday that she was still unresponsive. Her brother suffered multiple broken bones and cuts and also remains hospitalized. 

After jumping the curb and crashing into the bakery, Ross turned the vehicle around and sped east on Lake Street, nearly hitting the 19-year-old again. Ross then rammed a police vehicle before crashing into a light pole near Lake Street and 20th Ave. 

The SUV's engine started on fire, at which point police pulled Ross from the burning vehicle. He is now being treated in the hospital under police watch. 

Ross admitted to police that he used crack, marijuana and alcohol the day of the incident. 

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