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Charges: St. Paul man threatened Pizza Hut driver with a knife in attempt to get free pizzas

He's facing a felony for attempted robbery.
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A delivery driver for Pizza Hut had a knife pulled on him while making a delivery last week. 

According to a criminal complaint filed in Ramsey County, the driver from the Pizza Hut on 975 Grand Avenue in St. Paul was making a delivery just before midnight on Friday, Sep. 14 when a man he thought was his customer threatened him with a knife. 

The delivery was scheduled to be made to an apartment just a few blocks away from the Hut, at 700 Grand Avenue in St. Paul.

When the driver arrived, he was approached by two men in the alley near the building. One of them pulled a knife on the driver and demanded the pizzas for free. 

The driver ran back to his car with the pizzas and called his manager about what happened. The manager called 911 and while officers were on their way to the scene they received a call from the suspect, identified as 34-year-old Jacob Tobias Todd of St. Paul. 

Todd told dispatch that people in a car had pulled up and starting throwing things at him. He didn't know the people but said they were from Pizza Hut. 

Todd then called the Pizza Hut and said he didn't pull a knife on anyone, so the manager told the driver to try making the delivery again.

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When the driver returned to the alley, he saw Todd in the same spot staring at him while shining a flashlight in his direction. 

The driver again left and called the police. 

Officers found Todd in the alley and arrested him, later finding a knife in his pocket. He said there was no truth to the accusations, telling police that he never ordered pizza. 

Police records also note that two days earlier Todd had called 911 to complain about service from Topper's Pizza. 

Todd has been charged with aggravated attempted robbery in the first degree, a felony.

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