Charges: Suspect snuck loaded gun into police interview room

Police had earlier chased him after observing him appearing to deal drugs.
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Minneapolis 1st Precinct

A man who fled police officers who had seen him apparently dealing drugs later managed to sneak a loaded revolver into a police interview room.

Moses Hubert, 28, of Minneapolis, was in the interview room at the First Police Precinct when officers monitoring him via video feed saw him shaking loose and discarding a silver revolver from his pants leg.

He then tried to hide the gun near the table in the room, which was found by the officer a short time later, and was found to be loaded with five live rounds.

Hubert had earlier been brought to the precinct following a chase that started when police observed him via street cameras conducting hand-to-hand transactions at Hennepin and 5th in downtown Minneapolis Wednesday morning.

Believing the transactions involved drugs, officers later came across Hubert walking through the CVS parking lot at 1101 Hennepin Avenue, and he refused to stop at the officer's command.

They followed him to a property on Linden Avenue, all the while telling him to stop and that he was under arrest, only for Hubert to walk towards the on-ramp for I-394.

He then ran onto westbound I-394, falling onto the pavement and causing a driver to honk and go around him.

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Hubert then crossed the median barrier and across eastbound I-394 to the off-ramp for 12th Street.

It's at this point that he was caught, though he tried to resist arrest while the officer attempted to handcuff him.

The 28-year-old has been charged with carrying a firearm without a permit, obstructing the legal process, and fleeing a police officer.

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