Charges: Teacher, football coach sexually assaulted 15-year-old student

The 32 year old taught at a middle school in Columbia Heights.
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A former middle school teacher and football coach has been accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old student and making pornographic videos with him.

In a criminal complaint released this week, Daniel Laskowski, 32, of Maple Grove, is charged with one count of 1st-degree and one count of 3rd-degree criminal sexual conduct, and two counts of using minors in pornographic work.

Laskowski worked as a social studies teacher and football coach between 2012 and 2017 for Columbia Heights Public Schools, and according to the complaint he was the victim's 6th grade teacher, before becoming his football coach in grades 7 and 8.

The victim said he saw Laskowski as a "father-figure" and they remained in contact until the then 15-year-old boy was found drinking alcohol in Laskowski's home.

But the pair met up again in June 2018 when Laskowski reached out via SnapChat and they started spending time together again.

During the course of these meetings, Laskowski said the two could make a lot of money together if the victim would appear in a pornographic video with him, saying he had contacts in Europe who'd be willing to pay $250,000.

He made a video involving oral sex, but later told the boy his European "contacts" rejected it because there was music in the background, and they'd have to do it again.

The victim, who had turned 16 after the first video, agreed to film another video as he was in need of money.

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Again, the money wasn't forthcoming, with Laskowski saying it had been "rejected" by his contacts. 

This month, Laskowski reached out again via SnapChat, telling the boy that they'd be more likely to get the payment if they engaged in full intercourse.

At this point, the victim and his mother called Maple Grove Police Department, who watched as the victim conducted a SnapChat conversation in which he arranged to meet Laskowski to make a new video.

State documents obtained by KSTP reveal that Laskowski's teaching license was revoked in 2018, stating that he had been investigated by Columbia Heights Public Schools for having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

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