Charges: Teen tried to run ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend off the road

Upon being arrested, he sent her an angry message on Snapchat.
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A southern Minnesota teenager is in jail after his ex-girlfriend accused him of trying to run her off the road. 

A criminal complaint says Roger Philip Ziegler, 19, of Delevan, followed a vehicle his ex-girlfriend was riding in with her boyfriend on Jan. 26 when he sped around them on County Road 11 in Faribault County and then darted in front of them before slamming on his brakes in an apparent attempt to make them swerve off the road. 

She then told investigators that Ziegler followed her in his vehicle, a Ford pickup, the previous day as well. Deputies contacted Ziegler at his residence and asked if he knew why they were there. 

His response, per the complaint: "because some f---ing dumb psycho a-- f---ing stupid a-- b---- called you like every other f---ing time." 

He added: "I didn't try to run no one off the f---ing road. I ain't going to try to run you off the road, I will f---ing run you off the road if I want to run you off the road." 

Ziegler then took out his phone and sent a Snapchat message to her in which he called her the c-word calling her and said he was going to jail. He also tried to call her before authorities took his phone. 

The criminal complaint notes that Ziegler, on Dec. 20, called police twice, once reporting that his ex was drinking underage and again to say she was suicidal, threatening to kill herself in the bathroom and that there was a shotgun in the home. 

Deputies checked in on her that day and determined that she was fine and didn't find a shotgun, therefore concluding that Ziegler's claims were false. 

Ziegler has been charged in Farbault County District Court with felony 2nd-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, 5th-degree assault causing fear or bodily harm, a gross misdemeanor for stalking and a misdemeanor for falsely reporting a crime. 

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