Charges: Teens laid trap before robbing, fatally shooting St. Paul man

The boys, aged 16 and 17, have been charged with murder.
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Two teenage boys have been charged with the murder of St. Paul resident Marcus Johnson earlier this month.

Arthur A. McGraw, 16, and Rasheem S. Jones, 17, both high school students, have been charged in juvenile court with the 2nd-degree murder of the 19-year-old on the evening of Feb. 15.

According to criminal charges, McGraw and Jones had planned to rob Johnson, but things went wrong, resulting in the 19-year-old's shooting.

Johnson was on his way to the Mall of America with his girlfriend, but said he had to stop off on the way to drop off some marijuana, and had been communicating on his phone with someone via Snapchat.

The girlfriend stayed in the car while Johnson went to make the exchange on Kennard Street in St. Paul, and she heard 2 gunshots a short time later.

Another witness saw three young males at the scene, two of whom were later identified as McGraw and Jones. They had arrived at the scene in a stolen Toyota Corolla.

McGraw and Jones had been at a friend's house before the shooting, and the parent whose house it was said they overheard Jones saying he "was going to do something." The woman later learned her son had kicked McGraw and Jones out of the house because "they did something really bad."

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Her son told police McGraw and Jones had planned to meet Johnson to buy some marijuana and planned to rob him, but "it went wrong."

They told him Johnson had gotten into the front of their stolen Corolla, at which point the two teens pulled out their guns. They then claimed Johnson showed a gun of his own, apparently prompting the two boys to open fire. They then stole two baggies of marijuana from Johnson.

When Jones was interviewed by police, he said he'd shot Johnson twice as he tried to get out of their car, with McGraw shooting him once.

Johnson's death prompted an outpouring of tributes, with the 19-year-old an active member and volunteer of his local church, and also ran his own clothing line.

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