Charges: Valleyfair worker was raped by sex offender outside dorm building

The accused attacker was serving probation for raping a 14-year-old girl.
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A convicted sex offender has been charged with the alleged rape of a Valleyfair worker outside of a dorm building where she was staying.

The attack happened outside the SCALE Regional Public Safety Training Facility on Valley View Drive, near Jordan, earlier this month.

The building operated by Scott County is used by Valleyfair to provide a place for its seasonal workers to stay in.

Austin J. Jones, 26, of Minneapolis, is accused of raping the victim while pulling a belt tight around her neck. Jones has been serving 15 years probation for raping a 14-year-old girl at a house party in Chaska in 2010.

The female victim was on the phone with her boyfriend when the Aug. 7 attack started, and the line remained open, still connected to her boyfriend, while the assault was carried out.

He called police, who found her lying on the ground, "unresponsive, shivering" and appearing to be in shock, with a belt around her neck and her clothing having been partially removed.

She told police she'd been speaking to her boyfriend when she noticed a man sitting down next to a tree, and went up to him to ask if he was ok.

As she did that, he reached out and grabbed her, and the next thing she remembered was "being completely in pain," according to the criminal complaint.

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She tried to call out for help but couldn't properly because of the belt around her neck. She says she might have also had a seizure, which she takes medication to control.

Police found Jones about a mile away, slumped over inside his vehicle that he said he had been living out of.

He couldn't explain where he'd been earlier in the evening, and further inspection of his car revealed the presence of a belt that was later found to have the victim's DNA on it.

The front of his underwear was also tested and found to match the victim's DNA.

He is facing 1st and 2nd degree criminal sexual conduct charges and one charge of violating his requirements as a registered sex offender.

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