Charges: 'Very impaired' driver caused fatal crash on I-35

He was found on a rest stop bathroom floor after the collision.

A driver accused of causing a fatal crash on I-35 was found by police in a 'very impaired" condition on a rest stop bathroom floor shortly after the collision.

Joffre Kolosky, 63, was killed after their Buick was hit from behind on northbound I-35 in Chisago County, north of the Twin Cities, around 5:30 a.m. Friday.

His car left the road, flipped and landed upside down in a ditch near North Branch, with Kolosky dying at the scene.

A quick investigation led police to a damaged Toyota Tundra suspected of being involved in the crash, which they found parked at the Goose Creek Rest Area north of the crash site.

The truck was missing its front license plate and a footprint on the sidewalk led police to the bathroom at the rest stop, where they found Samuel Moreno, 23, of Marine On Saint Croix.

Moreno was lying on the floor of the bathroom in a "very impaired" state, with deputies making multiple attempts to rouse him.

He smelled of a "moderate odor of alcohol and a strong odor of burnt marijuana," the criminal complaint states, and also had fresh blood on his face.

He could not answer basic questions, had "bloodshot, watery eyes" and appeared "very unsteady when standing."

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When officers tried to arrest him, he refused to comply and began yelling at them. In the end, he had to be Tasered.

A search of his vehicle found a bag of possible marijuana, four marijuana pipes, and a small plastic bag containing an unknown substance.

Moreno, who had previously pleaded guilty to driving while impaired in Wisconsin in 2016, has been charged with criminal vehicular homicide, DWI, leaving the scene and driving with a revoked license.

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