Charges: Willmar duo held teen prisoner for 2 days, repeatedly assaulted him

Charges say they assaulted him approximately a dozen times.
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A Willmar man and woman have been charged with imprisoning and assaulting a teenage boy who tried to swindle them.

A criminal complaint filed in Kandiyohi County details the frightening ordeal, which began May 28 after the victim and another boy didn't return to the Prairie Lakes Youth Program's non-secure housing unit in Willmar. 

Three days later, a Willmar police officer saw one of the boys, aged 17, walking along the side of Lakeland Drive NE with injuries on his face.

When questioned by the officer, the teen explained that he and another boy had finished work on May 28 and were picked up by Jose Agapito Sanchez, 21, and Ashley Valadez, 25.

The two adults agreed to give the pair a ride to Winona in exchange for $1,000, but when they got to a Kwik Trip in Winona, the boys tried to run as they didn't have any money to pay them.

Then they heard a gunshot, with the 17 year old stopping while the other boy kept running.

Sanchez caught up with the teen who stopped, who said a gun was put to his back and he was forced back in the vehicle with Valadez and two young children who were also in the car.

They're then accused of driving the teen back to Willmar, where they held him captive in their apartment for the next two days and assaulted him a dozen times.

The victim said Sanchez and Valadez were high on methamphetamine and didn't sleep the entire time. 

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Two days into being held prisoner, the teen said he was able to convince his captors that he could get them the money if he was allowed to go, which Sanchez agreed to, telling him to return by 11 p.m. or he would find him, take him to a field, give him a 15 second head start and then begin shooting at him. 

Police were able to track Sanchez and Valadez down based on descriptions provided by the boy and the building they held him in.

A drug task force unit and detectives began surveilling Sanchez at his job at Little Caesar's, where he was arrested just after midnight on June 1. Valadez was also arrested during that time. 

Sanchez has been charged with felony counts of false imprisonment, threats of violence, possession of a firearm after a previous conviction, 5th degree assault (gross misdemeanor), and 5th degree possession of drugs (gross misdemeanor). 

Valadez has been charged with felony false imprisonment and 5th degree assault. 

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