Charges: Wisconsin man goes on burglary spree in southern Minnesota

The man is accused of robbing or trying to rob five businesses.
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Businesses in St. Peter and Henderson in southern Minnesota robbed by the same man in late April and early May. 

Cory Jay Rosillo, 47, of Osceola, Wisconsin, is accused of robbing or trying to rob five different businesses in the small Minnesota towns. 

Rosillo is facing a felony theft charge in Nicollet County after being accused of breaking into the Family Fresh grocery store in St. Peter on April 22, stealing more than $20,000 cash from an open safe in addition to $5,000 in checks and greater $600 worth of stamps. 

Then, on May 1, Rosillo was caught on surveillance footage distracting employees at La Mexicana Market in St. Peter while he tried to open two cash registers. He was unsuccessful but did take money from a tip jar before an employee caught him, prompting him to put it back and leave. 

He's been charged with felony attempted theft in that case. 

Also on May 1, Rosillo is alleged to have attempted to break into cash registers at Traverse des Sioux Garden Center in St. Peter, a crime for which he's facing a gross misdemeanor attempted theft charge. 

That's not all. 

Again, on May 1, charges accuse Rosillo of stealing cash from a register and tip jar at Toody's Sweet Treats in Henderson, and stealing goods from First Choice Pharmacy in Henderson. He's facing misdemeanor theft charges for those crimes. 

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