Charges: Woman bludgeoned, strangled roommate to death at sober living complex

The victim had electrical cord around her neck, with a bloodied dumbbell found nearby.
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A woman living at a sober living complex in Bloomington is accused of murdering her roommate in a brutal attack Sunday evening.

Corrine Louise Gibbs, 69, died of "complex homicidal violence" in her home at the Southgate Apartments on 12th Avenue South, with roommate Donna Mae Bastyr charged on Wednesday with second degree murder.

The Hennepin County Attorney's Office says it will seek an aggravated sentence due to the "particular cruelty of this crime and the vulnerability of the victim."

Gibbs' body was found with horrific injuries, including several broken ribs, fractures in her neck bones and cartilage, and bruising and lacerations to her upper body and face.

A bloodied dumbbell and ceramic bowl was found near the body and an electrical cord was wrapped around her neck, with Bastyr allegedly telling police later than she'd bludgeoned and strangled her roommate.

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Gibbs' other roommate at the sober living complex apartment found her body and called 911, and while police were processing the scene they received a call about a drunk and disorderly woman at another sober living complex two blocks away.

They arrived there to find Bastyr drunk and assaulting a man in the parking lot.

She told officers she hadn't been in her apartment all day, but police then interviewed her boyfriend, who told them Bastyr had been extremely drunk on Sunday and told him that her roommate was "going to get hers."

The two women didn't get along, with Bastyr telling her boyfriend she was angry because she believed Gibbs had reported her for drinking at the sober house, and thought she would be kicked out of the program.

She confessed to killing Gibbs several times on the phone, asking her boyfriend to help move the body.

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