Charges: Woman pulled gun on roommate, robbed him of $20K, forced him to take sleeping pill

The 22 year old from Apple Valley is facing three charges.
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A young woman is accused of robbing her roommate $20,000 at gunpoint, assaulting him, and then forcing him to take a pill that would put him to sleep.

The complaint against Wendy Escobar was filed this week in Hennepin County District Court, where she's charged with two counts of 1st degree aggravated robbery and one of making terroristic threats.

The 22 year old from Apple Valley allegedly carried out the crimes at an apartment on 4th Street North, Minneapolis on May 21.

She targeted her male roommate after he had intervened in a fight she was having with her girlfriend, after she started using brass knuckles to punch said girlfriend.

After she yelled at him for stopping her, the victim went to his room to get ready for bed, only for Escobar to walk in a short time later with three men he'd never seen before.

The quartet began assaulting him, hitting him in the legs with a metal stick several times, before Escobar allegedly pulled a gun on the victim, though it later turned out to be a BB gun.

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They stole $20,000 cash he had in a box on the floor of his closet, as well as two cellphones and a DVD player.

At the end of the assault, Escobar made him take a sleeping pill at gunpoint, before leaving in her car.

The victim suffered minor injuries, including a cut on his temple from where Escobar had hit him with brass knuckles.

When apprehended and questioned by police, Escobar said she didn't like how the victim had talked to her after she'd got into an argument with her girlfriend, so had called her friends over to the apartment.

She claims only two men came around however, not three.

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