Charges: Woman shot boyfriend, critically wounding him, after fight over where to eat

She says her partner struck her several times before she opened fire.
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Temetria Gillespie

An apparent argument over getting some food has resulted in an attempted murder charge for a St. Paul woman.

Tametria Gillespie, 40, has been charged with the shooting of her boyfriend near a strip mall at Rice and Larpenteur in Roseville on Sunday evening.

Her 41-year-old boyfriend was found by police bleeding from his head and armpit after being shot, and he was taken to Regions Hospital in a critical condition.

He had suffered three wounds, two to his right arm, and one to his torso that went inside the chest cavity, hitting his lungs.

Speaking to police after the shooting, Gillespie said she'd been with the victim for 10 months and she was driving when they began to argue about getting something to eat.

She told police her boyfriend, referred to as JLT, "struck her several times in the face" while she was driving, and claims he told her he would kill her.

She said she'd acted in self-defense.

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Video footage reviewed by police from the time of the shooting showed a man walking along Larpenteur and approaching the strip mall on Rice Avenue, when Gillespie pulled her Honda Civic into his path.

She got out and "appeared to strike or thrust" towards JLT three times, sending him to the ground.

A witness meanwhile heard a woman yelling "Don't put your hands on me!" The witness then heard a single gunshot and saw the man crumple to the ground.

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