Charges: Woman shot man dead in Airbnb she rented for her birthday

The 20-year-old is facing manslaughter charges.
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Markeia Carlvin

A woman's birthday party in St. Paul ended in the death of a man who she shot while allegedly playing with two handguns.

Markeia Carlvin, of Crystal, was celebrating her 20th birthday with a party at an Airbnb property she rented on Sims Avenue in St. Paul this past Aug. 19.

But she is now facing charges of 2nd-degree manslaughter with culpable negligence, after she shot Randy M. Davis Jr. in the chest, with the 20-year-old dying at the scene.

According to a criminal complaint, Carlvin was hosting a party at the rental property, and Davis Jr. had two handguns with him, one of them green with a laser sight and the other black and silver.

A witness said that she, Carlvin and Davis Jr. had been taking pictures and playing with the guns. 

But then, Carlvin allegedly picked up the black and silver gun, "racked it," pointed it and Davis Jr. and shot one time, hitting him in the chest.

She said it was an accident, and fled the property out of the back door.

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Video and still photographs taken by neighbor captured Carlvin leaving the rear of the property, which the witness confirmed was her.

Carlvin was located at her home on Vera Cruz Avenue in Crystal, where she was arrested but refused an interview.

DNA samples taken from the gun used to shoot Davis. Jr. found traces from four individuals, with there being a high likelihood that Carlvin's DNA is one of them

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