Charges: Woman sped off in friend's Hummer while he clung to the roof rack

She stole the vehicle after he turned down her marriage proposal
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A drunken marriage proposal turned dangerous extremely quickly in Ramsey County in the early hours of Sunday morning.

It saw 29-year-old Panhia Vang, of Minneapolis, steal the Hummer belonging to a man she'd just proposed to, and drove off at speeds of 80 mph with him clinging to the roof rack.

He eventually fell off and blacked out while she was traveling between 60-70 mph, suffering serious facial injuries that required surgery.

The incident unfolded, according to a criminal complaint, around 3 a.m. in White Bear Township, when the Hummer owner drove Vang and another friend to a house after a night partying, while another friend drove Vang's Toyota RAV4 to the house.

When they got there, Vang refused to get out of the Hummer, and then asked the owner to marry her, which he declined.

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When he got out, Vang slid over to the driver's seat and drove off with the Hummer, with the owner jumping into her RAV4 and following.

She pulled over on Otter Lake Road in White Bear Township, at which point the owner went to the driver's side door, pounded on the window and told her to get out.

He then grabbed onto the driver's side roof rack, at which point Vang "floored it."

As she reached speeds of 80 mph, he was still clinging on to the roof rack, and told police he thought: "I'm going to f------ die."

He continued pounding on the window telling her to stop, and he slipped off as she slowed down to 60-70 mph, regaining consciousness about a minute later and finding himself next to a guardrail.

Vang drove past him in the Hummer a few minutes later, rolled down the window, and drove off without saying anything.

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Police arrested her when she turned up to visit him the next day in hospital, arriving in his Hummer.

She told officers she'd had three drinks, including two shots, the night before, and said she couldn't remember what happened while denying she was drunk.

She didn't recall the incident or the Hummer owner hanging from his vehicle while she drove.

Three charges have been filed against her, including vehicle theft and two counts of criminal vehicular operation.

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