Chisago Co. family's dog dies after eating meth left by side of road

The drugs were found in a Subway wrapper.

A Chisago County family is asking for help covering vet expenses following the death of their dog from accidental meth exposure.

On Wednesday, the family noticed something wrong with the dog, named Riley, who had found a Subway "cookie bag" in a ditch. That bag ended up having methamphetamine and other drug paraphernalia inside.

"Riley being the curious young dog she was decided to investigate and some of the lose (sic) meth got into her system," their GoFundMe page says. 

Things spiraled from there, as the dog's body "started to shut down"; they rushed her to the veterinarian, where she sadly passed away.

A Facebook post from the Chisago Co. Sheriff's Office says the bag contained "80 grams of meth, needles and a meth pipe":

"What a poison and scourge to our society this stuff is," the post says.

A sergeant from the sheriff's office told KARE 11 they suspect the drugs were "tossed out a vehicle window by someone who was being pulled over, or feared being pulled over."

There are currently no suspects in the case, the station notes. 

The family's GoFundMe effort is seeking $4,500. As of this writing, they've raised over $1,500 of that goal.

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