Chisholm man found guilty of sexually abusing sibling girls

The 36-year-old is facing sentences of 30 and 25 years for two counts of sexual assault.
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Seth Reimer

A Chisholm man is likely to spend the next several decades in prison after he was convicted of the horrific sexual abuse of three child siblings.

Seth Reimer, 36, was found guilty by a jury in Hibbing of 1st- and 2nd-degree criminal sexual conduct last week.

It follows a period of years in which he sexually abused three sisters who were the daughter's of his girlfriend, with whom he had another child in 2016.

The girls told police that Reimer had abused them when they ranged in ages from 6 to 13.

According to the criminal complaint, the details of which are too extreme to share explicitly, Reimer would touch them sexually, penetrated them, and rub his genitalia against them.

He would also pleasure himself in front of them, on one occasion recording himself doing so while one of the girls slept.

The abuse happened at separate properties in Hibbing, and at an apartment in Chisholm.

Reimer lived with the girls and their mother for a period of time, but the assaults continued after they had broken up

At one point, police were investigating an allegation of domestic abuse by Reimer on the girls' mother, and one of the girls told their mother to tell the police about Reimer sexually abusing her and her sisters.

But the mother told her not to tell the police about it "because they will take the girls away."

When questioned by police, the mother said she'd never seen Reimer do anything inappropriate with her daughter.

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She also denied that the older daughter had asked her to tell police that they were being sexually abused, and denied that her children advised her they'd been sexually assaulted by Reimer.

The girls have been removed from their mother's care and have been placed in foster care.

Assistant St. Louis County Attorney Jeff Vlatkovich said: "The strength and courage demonstrated by these victims in coming forward should be commended."

He notes that Reimer faces a sentence of up to 30 years for the first degree conviction and 25 years for the second degree conviction, with sentencing set for July 25.

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