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Citizen reporter behind Minneapolis Scanner Facebook page recovering from assault

The brutal attack happened outside a restaurant along Eat Street.

Andrew Williams is the man behind the popular Minneapolis Scanner page on Facebook, where he informs his fellow residents about crimes happening around the city.

It's probably safe to say he never expected to be a victim of one of those crimes – or end up a story on his own page. 

But it happened last month, in a brutal assault outside Market BBQ, a restaurant on the city's famed Eat Street. Now, friends are trying to raise money to help Williams recover from serious injuries – and pay down his steep medical bills.

This comes after Williams went public with the attack last week, responding to numerous questions about why Minneapolis Scanner had gone silent:

"Last Sunday I was seriously assaulted while standing outside Marquette BBQ (sic) waiting for the Vikes game to start," he announced in a Sept. 26 Facebook update.

The assailant, Williams explained, was "a guy who apparently felt I was looking at him sitting at the bus bench across the street and decided the best way for him to deal with it was to come across the street and jump Me."

A police report received by GoMN notes William was punched "repeatedly in the face," and also sustained injury to the back of his head.

Per the report – filed Sept. 17 – it's not clear if any of the assault was caught on security cameras.

'16 stitches in my head'

His injuries were severe. 

According to his Facebook update, Williams spent two days in the hospital following the beating, and was readmitted for surgery a couple days later.

"My jaw was busted in two places with a fractured left eye socket and 16 stitches in my head," he wrote. 

The medical expenses are severe, too. According to the GoFundMe page set up on his behalf over the weekend, the first of his many doctor visits resulted in a bill of around $10,000.

The page also says Williams' recovery "will require extended periods of time off from work." 

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