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'Climate-proof' Duluth the focus of New York Times article

The Northland city is perfectly positioned to ride out future climate catastrophe.

Duluth is finding itself the subject of attention from the New York Times for its climate change-busting potential.

While no part of the world will be immune from change in the event the Earth's average temperatures continue to rise, the Northland city has been singled out as being better prepared than most to ride out potential climate catastrophe.

The article is based upon the views of Harvard University lecturer Jesse Keenan, who has identified a handful of cities that are considered better protected from climate change than others, and has assisted with a marketing exercise commissioned by the University of Minnesota-Duluth to attract people and prospective students to the city.

You can read the full article here, but here's a quick summary of why Keenan considers Duluth to be among the more "climate-proof" of locations.

– It's already cooler than most other cities in the U.S., meaning it'll stay mild even if Greenhouse Gases continue to warm the atmosphere. A recent study predicted that if emissions continue at the current rate, Duluth's climate could come to resemble Toledo, Ohio, by 2080. The Twin Cities, on the other hand, could more closely resemble Kansas.

– As it stays cooler, there's less chance of wildfires compared to the southern parts of the country.

– It's inland, so it's protected from sea level rise.

– Probably the most crucial of all, it has Lake Superior as a source of fresh water.

You can read the full NYT article here.

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