Columbia Heights PD arrest man believed to be serial graffiti vandal 'Revo'

Revo's graffiti spree left thousands of dollars in damage.
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The great "Revo" graffiti spree of Columbia Heights may finally have come to an end, with the arrest of a 34-year-old man believed to be the mysterious spray-paint artist himself.

This comes more than a month after local police issued surveillance footage of the suspect in action, in the hopes someone might be able to identify him:

Whether he was "tagging" buildings, traffic signals, vehicles or garbage cans, the vandal's calling card was the word "Revo" — apparently short for "revolution," according to a Friday news release.

The suspect, Allen Dean Essen Jr., was arrested by Columbia Heights police on Wednesday, the release says.

Allen Dean Essen Jr., suspect in "Revo" graffiti vandalism

How Essen was tracked down is unclear, though the police department adds that he is "known in the graffiti art world," and that he's also believed to have "vandalized other areas in the metro."

The damages from Revo's work in Columbia Heights are estimated at $1,940. 

Essen has been charged in Anoka County with Criminal Damage to Property in the First Degree.

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