Commuters angry after dozens of cars are towed from Woodbury park-and-ride lot

Many returned from work to find their vehicles gone.
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There are few worse ways to end a long day at work then finding your car has been towed.

That's what happened to dozens of commuters on Monday, who got off the bus at a park-and-ride lot next to the Woodbury 10 Theatre and realized their vehicles were nowhere to be found.

According to one of those commuters, Christopher Collins, their cars had been towed by a company called Rapid Recovery, and they were informed it would cost them $350 to get their vehicles back.

The picture above was taken by Collins as he and his fellow commuters milled outside Rapid Recovery's lot in St. Paul. 

There are now efforts being made to figure out exactly what went wrong.

As KARE 11 explains, the parking lot in question is owned by Metro Transit, but some of it is leased to the Woodbury 10 Theatre and designated for the use of movie-goers, with signs clearly marking those spaces.

But the commuters left their cars, as they do every day, in another part of the parking lot where there is no clear signage, and they assumed they could use for park-and-ride.

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Just as puzzled as the commuters is Metro Transit, which is investigating how the vehicles came to be towed.

Spokesman Howie Padilla told the Star Tribune that Metro Transit had nothing to do with the vehicles being towed, and will now review video footage to see where in the parking lot the cars were towed, and who was responsible for it.

The Woodbury Theatre parking lot at 1470 Queens Drive has operated as a park-and-ride since 2001, providing spaces for 515 commuters looking to take the 355 bus to downtown Minneapolis.

BMTN has reached out to Rapid Recovery for comment.

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