Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Minnesota reaches 60

The number of confirmed cases continues to climb in Minnesota.

The number of confirmed novel coronavirus cases in Minnesota has risen to 60, according to new data released Tuesday by the the Minnesota Department of Health. 

That number is up six from the 54 cases reported Monday, and is the smallest daily increase in a few days. Confirmed cases reported each day since last Wednesday: 

  • Wednesday - 5 total. 
  • Thursday - 9 total
  • Friday - 14 total
  • Saturday - 21 total
  • Sunday - 35 total
  • Monday - 54 total
  • Tuesday - 60 total

Despite the number of confirmed cases, the MDH suspects there are likely "many more" in Minnesota because there are examples of community transmission, combined with a shortage of testing kits.

Minnesota Department of Health infectious disease director Kris Ehresmann said it's "absolutely" the case that 60 is likely an undercount of the total number of cases in Minnesota.

But with Minnesota having only a limited number of testing kits to confirm positive COVID-19 cases, the true extent of the virus' spread isn't known right now, but the MDH is hoping to have a solid estimate in the future by comparing the number of respiratory complaints from clinics across the state to positive flu tests.

Of the new cases, they were found in the following counties:

Hennepin – 2

Dakota – 1

Ramsey – 1

Olmsted – 2

All 6 cases had a history of travel to other states, rather than being the result of community transmission.

Counties with confirmed cases: Anoka, Benton, Blue Eart, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Olmsted, Ramsey, Renville, Stearns, Wright, Waseca and Washington. 

You can see an interactive map of estimated totals for every Minnesota county right here

Also known as community spread, community transmission is when a case of COVID-19 is confirmed in a patient who has no idea how they contracted the virus. These cases represent people with no recent travel history and no known exposures to people carrying the virus. 

Through Monday, there were three confirmed cases involving community transmission. 

In total, the MDH has tested 2,336 patients, an increase of 446 from Monday's data. 

There are also independent tests being done in other locations. For example, the Mayo Clinic is testing up to 200 patients per day. Only positive tests are sent to the MDH from Mayo, so the total number of tests reported by the MDH does include negative results from independent tests. 

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