Cook County warns cabin owners: Stay at your first home

The North Shore county is worried about its healthcare capacity.
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The owners of second homes and lakeside cabins in Northeastern Minnesota have been asked by local leaders to stay away during the coronavirus crisis.

The travel advisory was issued on Tuesday by the Cook County Board of Commissioners, which said it was "prudent" to take such an action due to the "unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 pandemic."

Cook County covers a large area of the far northeastern reaches of Minnesota, including the North Shore resort towns of Lutsen, Tofte, and Grand Marais.

The county is concerned that its limited healthcare capacity could be overwhelmed in the event a large number of owners head to their summer cabins and second homes during the coronavirus outbreak.

It's therefore recommending that these people – along with other visitors – stay in their home area.

"People who have seasonal homes in Cook County, please stay at your primary residence at this time," the advisory adds. "If you are already in Cook County, you should immediately self-quarantine for 14-days."

Of particular concern to the county is that it has one of the highest populations of older residents in the state, with the elderly most likely to suffer severe complications from the virus.

This week also saw all of the grocery stores in Grand Marais agree to shut their doors, and provide only curbside and delivery services to limit the contact between customers and their employees.

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