Coronavirus: 24 more deaths in Minnesota, testing increases and so do positive results

The totals are from all patient samples tested in a 24-hour period ending at 4 p.m. Wednesday.
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Colorized scanning electron micrograph of an apoptotic cell (purple) heavily infected with SARS-COV-2 virus particles (yellow), isolated from a patient sample. Image captured at the NIAID Integrated Research Facility (IRF) in Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Minnesota's testing capacity for the new coronavirus has increased to the point that hundreds of positive cases are being returned in the daily, and all tests conducted in the 24-hour period that ended at 4 p.m. Wednesday produced another 492 positives.

It's the third straight day Minnesota has set a new daily high for positive COVID-19 positive tests, which is to be expected as testing capacity continues to increase. 

Sadly, another 24 people have died from the virus, bringing the state's total to 343. 

There were 3,532 tests performed in the latest reporting period, according to the Minnesota Department of Health, and the state's goal is to ramp up testing until there are 20,000 done per day. 

  • Confirmed cases: 5,136 (up from 4,644)
  • Deaths: 343 (up from 319)
  • Total hospitalized: 1,044 (up from 950)
  • Still hospitalized: 365 (up from 320)
  • Patients in intensive care: 130 (up from 119).
  • Patient recoveries: 2,172 (up from 2,043).

Hennepin County has had 225 deaths from 1,738 confirmed cases to lead the state, but the second-leading county for positive tests is Nobles County, which has seen its case total rise to 742 from an outbreak at a now-closed JBS pork plant in Worthington.

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A collaboration between Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota is expected to have the state testing 20,000 patients per day within 2-3 weeks. Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm said last week not to be surprised if the number of confirmed cases in a single day reaches 1,000 as testing advances.

The age range for confirmed cases has been as young as 1-month-old to 109 years old, with a median age of 49, while the median age of persons who have died from the disease is 83. The youngest person to die from the disease in Minnesota was 30 years old.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, you can find guidance on what to do and where to get tested here.

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