Coronavirus case total now at 262 in Minnesota

This doesn't reflect the total number of COVID-19 cases in Minnesota, just those who have been tested.
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Tuesday's updated numbers from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) show that the state's confirmed COVID-19 count has jumped from 235 to 262.

The numbers are reflective all all tests for COVID-19 through 8 p.m. Monday, but do not reflect the actual number of cases that remain undiagnosed across Minnesota. State health leaders believe community transmission of the virus is widespread and in every Minnesota county, thus the importance to stay home when possible and practice social distancing. 

There has been one death confirmed so far, with a Ramsey County resident in their 80s dying from the novel coronavirus last Thursday.

The health department conducted only 150 tests on Monday for a total of 5,812. Those numbers only represent patients tested by the state health department, and does not include any independent laboratory testing done by independent operates like the Mayo Clinic. 

Of the confirmed cases, 21 have been hospitalized, with 15 still hospitalized. Of the 262 cases, 88 have since recovered. 

Gov. Tim Walz estimated Monday that 40-80 percent of Minnesotans be infected with COVID-19 by the time the pandemic is over. 

"The numbers run pretty high that over the course of this that between 40 and 80 percent of Minnesotans will have become infected with COVID-19," he said. "The vast majority will recover without hospitalization. Those that need it, we need to ensure they're able to get it. This whole battle is about bending the curve, lengthening out the time of an infection rate."

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Walz is on his second day of self-quarantine after being exposed to a member of his security detail who tested positive for COVID-19 late Sunday night. He is scheduled to update the coronavirus situation for Minnesotans during a 2 p.m. media briefing Tuesday. 

People with respiratory symptoms who don't require hospitalization and aren't healthcare workers/long-term care residents are being told to isolate themselves and manage their symptoms at home. Furthermore, anyone with any sign of illness – even a runny nose or cough – is advised to stay home. 

You can find guidance on what to do in the event you have any kind of respiratory symptoms here.

Here's how the numbers have risen in the past week:

  • Monday - 54 total
  • Tuesday - 60 total
  • Wednesday - 77 total
  • Thursday - 89 total
  • Friday - 115 total
  • Saturday - 137 total
  • Sunday - 169 total
  • Monday - 235 total
  • Tuesday - 262 total.

You can see an interactive map of estimated totals for every Minnesota county right here

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