Coronavirus: Gov. Tim Walz to give afternoon press conference

He is expected to announce an extended Stay at Home order.

Watch Gov. Walz's afternoon press conference here or at the bottom of this page.

Gov. Tim Walz will hold an afternoon press conference in which he's expected to announce an extended Stay at Home order.

The governor will address the state at 2 p.m., live streamed on his YouTube page, in which he will discuss his administration's next steps in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Walz indicated during a Tuesday press briefing that the Stay at Home order implemented on Mar. 27 would be extended.

However, it's expected to feature some tweaks that may allow certain Minnesotans back to work, while keeping the measures that "worked" during the initial order.

He is also expected to reveal more details about the modeling his administration has been using to inform decisions about the coronavirus-related shutdown.

It comes a day after the governor said Minnesota has been making progress in limiting the spread of the virus, after early steps were taken to shut down schools, bars, restaurants and other entertainment attractions, followed by the Stay at Home order.

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Gov. Walz has said that an extension to the Stay at Home order could potentially stretch to late April or even early May, given that the federal government guidance has been that social distancing should continue until at least then.

Also involved in the press briefing will be Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm, DEED Commissioner Steve Grove, and Homeland Security Director Joe Kelly.

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