Coronavirus: Gov. Walz announces 2 more executive orders

They relate to medical cannabis prescriptions and peace officer and firefighter training requirements.
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Gov. Tim Walz has announced two more executive orders in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The governor's new orders relate to Minnesota's medical cannabis program and the state's law enforcement community, and are the latest steps taken by the governor's office to help the state cope with a growing number of COVID-19 cases.

Here's a look at the orders:

Executive Order 20-25:

Extends the license of peace officers, firefighters and private security personnel so they don't need to fulfill continuing education requirements that are due to expire. 

This will allow law enforcement, firefighting and security workers to stay on the frontlines by deferring training until the end of the peacetime emergency.

"Peace officers, emergency services providers, and security professionals are on the front lines of responding to the COIVD-19 pandemic," said Walz. "These workers keep Minnesotans and their communities safe and help ensure that critical services continue to be provided. For these dedicated professionals to continue supporting Minnesotans during the peacetime emergency, they need to maintain an active license."

Executive Order 20-26

This will extend re-certification dates for current medical cannabis patient enrollments that were due to expire over the next several months. It will also allow a patient to request a temporary caregiver so they can pick up cannabis on their behalf, and allows medical cannabis patients to "practice social distancing with curbside delivery and telephone pharmacist consultations."

Many of the recipients of medical cannabis in Minnesota have underlying conditions that puts them at higher risk from COVID-19.

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"Medical cannabis provides therapeutic and palliative relief to many of Minnesota’s most severely ill residents," Walz said.

"Medical cannabis distribution facilities will continue to operate during this peacetime emergency. There are measures that will reduce the risks associated with COVID-19 to these people and to the staff who work in medical cannabis distribution facilities."

Walz has enacted a series of executive orders to ensure Minnesota's public health and safety system can respond to the coronavirus pandemic, and also provide assistance and relief to Minnesotans whose lives have been upended by the outbreak.

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