Coronavirus: More professions are added to Minnesota's 'essential worker' list

The Stay at Home order has been loosened, with an eye towards boating season.
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There have been several updates to Minnesota's "critical sector" list during the coronavirus Stay at Home order, which will allow more people back to work.

The updates to Executive Order 20-33 were made on Monday, and several of the professions now exempt from the order appear to have an eye on the upcoming boating season.

That's because among the workers now consider essential are those who "install and support the installation of docks, boat lifts, and other water related equipment and boat delivery."

Also added to the "critical sectors" list are workers who help with the operation of safe harbors and marinas, and bait harvesters. Resort hotel workers are also allowed to work, but those who work in communal areas of resorts – which will remain closed – are not.

Gov. Tim Walz has previously said that boating and fishing season would go ahead, but that boaters should only go out onto Minnesota lakes with people from their own household to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread.

And despite growing opposition from Republicans to his Stay at Home order, Walz has previously said he would continue to take a "sector by sector" look at it and allow more businesses to re-open even before it's due to end on May 4.

Here's a look at the workers now considered exempt from the Stay at Home order:

– Workers necessary for the operation of safe harbors and marinas to provide refuge for boaters when conditions making boating on open water unsafe and operations related to safety services such as fuel, emergency dockage and sanitary pump-out stations. 

– Workers providing boat transportation services.

– Workers who install and support the installation of docks, boat lifts and other water related equipment and boat delivery.

– Workers who construct, repair, and maintain decks and fence

– Fishery labor includes bait harvesters

– Workers and attendees at skills training for the state’s Professional Peace Officer Education (PPOE) providers, where such training cannot be given remotely and provided that social distancing and other mitigation strategies are employed.

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– Workers supporting gun ranges only when providing qualification shooting or skills maintenance to licensed Minnesota peace officers, law enforcement officers, and federally-sworn law enforcement officers assigned to work within the state of Minnesota, provided that social distancing and other mitigation strategies are employed.

– Workers supporting e-commerce includes workers at traditional retail establishments who are working only to take and fulfill online orders

– Workers supporting hotel portions of resorts are exempt; workers supporting communal amenities at resorts are not exempt and such amenities should remain closed

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