County GOP group criticized for sharing post comparing Bernie Sanders to Hitler

The Minnesota GOP has said the post was not appropriate.
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A GOP group in Minnesota has been criticized for sharing a post on Facebook that compared Bernie Sanders to Adolf Hitler.

The Clay County Republican Party of Minnesota shared a meme on Facebook that claims similarities between Bernie Sanders – the Jewish senator from Vermont – and Adolf Hitler, the German leader responsible for the deaths of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust.

The post has since been deleted, but not before screenshots had been taken.

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The post has been condemned Jewish Community Action of Minnesota, which said the comparison between the two was in particular poor taste given that Sanders himself had family members who were killed in the Holocaust.

What's more, the JCA says that the meme is anti-Semitic because equates Hitler as having "Blamed Jews for Germany's problems," with Sanders, who "Blames rich people for America's problems."

This was "as if to say Jews are the same as the billionaires Bernie frequently talks about," the JCA notes, an anti-Semitic stereotype linking Jewish people with wealth.

"This post was absurd. It was disgusting. And it was unquestionably, unapologetically, anti-Semitic," the JCA said. "We deserve a public explanation for the post from the Minnesota GOP, a public apology from the party, and assurances that the person responsible will not be posting in the future."

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The Minnesota GOP obliged on Tuesday afternoon, with chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan blaming a volunteer for sharing the post, and called for the Clay County GOP to "hold themselves to a higher standard in the future."

"The recent Facebook comment posted by a volunteer with the Clay County Republican Party is not appropriate and the MNGOP does not condone these actions or their sentiment," she said in a statement sent to BMTN.

"We have called on the local Republican unit to remove this post and hold themselves to a higher standard in the future. We must, Republicans and Democrats alike, do better to dispel hate and come together as Americans." 

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