Couple rescued from flooding after ignoring road closed sign in Lac qui Parle County

It happened in western Minnesota, about 150 miles from the Twin Cities.
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water rescue in Lac qui Parle County

A man and woman were rescued Thursday after they ignored a road closed sign and tried to drive through a flooded road. 

According to the Lac qui Parle County Sheriff's Office, one of the two called 911 around 1:50 p.m. saying they drove around the sign only to have their vehicle swept off the road and into a field by a strong current. They were stranded, with the caller indicating water was quickly rising inside the vehicle. 

Deputies arrived at the scene in Garfield Township to find a woman sitting inside the vehicle and a man standing on top of it. They were rescued by deputies who used cold water suits and a "rapid deployment craft" to get to them. 

"Everyone involved in the rescue did an excellent job of helping keep a bad situation from getting worse," the sheriff's release says. "This is also a good reminder if there is water going over a roadway PLEASE don’t drive through it. 

Garfield Township is located about 150 miles straight west of the Twin Cities. 

Lac qui Parle County has been hit hard by flooding this spring, with local emergency management recently warning drivers that road closed signs don't "convey the true danger that exists" in flooded areas. 

You can see the dozens of roads that have been closed in the western Minnesota county on the map below, which is interactive by following this link

The red lines indicate roads that are closed in Lac qui Parle County. 

The red lines indicate roads that are closed in Lac qui Parle County. 

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