Couple who called 911 says Jayme Closs deserves $50K reward

The reward for information was offered by the FBI and Jennie-O.
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The $50,000 reward offered for information that led authorities to Jayme Closs should be given to the 13 year old.

That's according to Kristin and Peter Kasinskas, who called 911 after Jayme was brought to their home by dog walker Jeanne Nutter last Thursday.

Both the FBI and Jennie-O Turkey – who employed Jayme's murdered parents – put up $25,000 each for the reward, questions about which have surfaced in recent days following Jayme's escape and recovery.

Kristin Kasinskas told CNN that they had not been approached by authorities regarding the award, but if anyone gets it, it should be Jayme "because she got herself out."

In other developments in the case, Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald issued an emotional statement thanking the community for its support as he spearheaded the effort to find the 13 year old, who was abducted on Oct. 15 and held captive for almost three months.

"THANK YOU – these two words will never be enough for what this community has done for me, my family, my department and especially this case," he wrote on Facebook. 

"I will never be able to answer everyone who sent me a note, message, text or stopped me and said thank you, keep it up and don’t give up over the past 3 months."

Meanwhile, there has been different responses to the news that Patrick Patterson, the father of 21-year-old kidnapping and murder suspect Jake Patterson, attempted to reach out to Jayme's family in the wake of his son's arrest.

He told media on Tuesday that "all I care about is Jayme's family."

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Speaking to the Associated Press, Jayme's grandfather Robert Naiberg said he appreciated the comments from Patrick Patterson, saying you couldn't blame the parents for the alleged actions of their son.

But Jayme's aunt and godmother, Jennifer Naiberg Smith, who has been caring for Jayme since she was found, told that she has "no desire" for any contact with the Patterson family "at the moment," saying she doesn't know how to respond or react.

"Right now all I'm focusing on is looking after Jayme. That's all that matters, just having her home and looking after her."

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