COVID-19 deaths are on the rise again in Wisconsin

Friday saw its highest daily number of deaths since early June.
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With COVID-19 cases having spiked in Wisconsin over the past month, the state is now experiencing an increase in deaths from the novel coronavirus.

Cases have been steadily rising in the state since mid-June, mirroring other states that loosened COVID-19 restrictions, and over the past few weeks has hit record levels.

While much of the rise in recent coronavirus cases across the U.S. is affecting younger populations less likely to suffer severe complications, Wisconsin is now once again seeing a rise in deaths – which tend to lag a few weeks behind rises in cases.

On Friday, the state confirmed 15 deaths from COVID-19, which is the highest seen in the state since June 20, and marks a significant change since June 28 and 29, when the state recorded zero deaths from the virus.

It has now registered 943 deaths from COVID-19, which is significantly less than the 1,600-plus seen in Minnesota, though Minnesota's daily death toll has only hit double figures twice since June 20, whereas Wisconsin has hit double figures seven times.

There were 832 new COVID-19 cases diagnosed in Wisconsin in Friday's figures, though this represented a slight drop in the positive case rate to 5.41%, with the state's seven-day average being 6.79%.

The recent spike in cases prompted Gov. Tony Evers to implement a statewide face mask mandate, which goes into effect on Saturday.

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