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COVID-19 exposure sends KFAN's morning show home

Producer Zach Halverson was in the studio before his symptoms began.
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KFAN's Power Trip Morning Show will be broadcasting remotely for at least the next week and a half after a member of the Twin Cities sports radio station tested positive for COVID-19. 

Seven people were in the station's St. Louis Park-based studio when Zach Halverson was known to have had the coronavirus last Friday, Aug. 28, according to co-host Chris Hawkey. 

"We are officially in COVID land on the Power Trip Morning Show," Hawkey said at the outset of Thursday's show, where he was speaking from his basement. "We're going to have to find a way to make this work for at least the next week and a half." 

Halverson began feeling ill last Friday. He was tested for COVID-19 on Saturday and was informed of the positive result early Wednesday morning. As soon as Halverson found out he alerted the station, which almost immediately forced the morning show to end early, with all members ordered to leave the building by 8 a.m. 

"It's been a pretty crappy week," Halverson said over the phone during Thursday's show.

"It's been up and down. I started feeling symptoms Friday night and Saturday was when everything really got serious," he said, noting that he has no appetite and has eaten only about 20 crackers since Monday. 

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"I turned a corner I thought on Sunday, but every time I've turned a corner I somehow find a way to get even worse. It's been really rough with the fever, the nausea, the's been almost impossible to sleep at night." 

He also lost control of the ability to control his thoughts a couple of nights ago, saying that every time he closed his eyes he didn't see darkness, but instead could not stop seeing himself the driver's seat of an Indy race car.

Halverson said he's not sure how he contracted the virus, but his mother and father are also battling COVID-19, having developed symptoms around the same time. 

All of the people exposed to Halverson were instructed to get tested for COVID-19, and as of Thursday morning Hawkey said nobody else has experienced symptoms. Lambert said he's already received his results, which are negative. 

"It's a real deep look at just how quickly this thing can spread," said Hawkey. 

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