Cowboy Jack's, Cowboy Slim's close temporarily due to violence

Cowboy Jack's on Friday was identified as a suspected source of a COVID-19 outbreak.
Cowboy Jacks

The owner of Cowboy Jack's and Cowboy Slim's in Minneapolis has announced both bars will close temporarily due to "ongoing neighborhood violence, vandalism and civil unrest."

The After Midnight Group announced the decision to close on Saturday, which follows an uptick in violence in Minneapolis in recent weeks, including a mass shooting in Uptown last weekend that injured 11.

AMG said the bars will close until the city "can ensure the safety of guests and employees," noting that the closures will impact 250 roles and could result in millions of dollars in lost revenue.

The press release announcing the closure makes no mention of the health issues at Cowboy Jack's, which was named as one of four Minnesota bars linked to outbreaks of COVID-19 in recent weeks.

Both Cowboy Jack's and The Kollege Club – in Dinkytown – were connected to 30 cases of the coronavirus between June 14-21, which comes amid wider reports of some young people continuing to gather in large groups with limited effort at social distancing.

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